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2/12/2015  CV After Hours Rotary Launches Newsletter


The Social Media & Public Relations Committee proudly launched the first CV After Hours Rotary Newsletter this February!  All current and past editions of the newsletter will be housed on the "Newsletter" page located in the "About Us" navigation tab at the top of the homepage.  Check out the newsletter to see the latest club news, service projects, committee schedules and updates, and much, much more!  Click on the image to view the first edition!

1/24/15  Three CV After Hours Members Raise $1300 During Live UCP Telethon!  


CV After Hours members Michael Ojibway, Kaylynn Stahlbusch, Eric Neimi, and A.J. Liedl volunteered at the WEAU UCP of North Central WI telethon on January 24th, 2015. 

Eric Niemi, Mike Ojibway, and Kaylynn Stahlbusch volunteered at the recent United Cerebral Palsy of North Central Wisconsin Telethon on WEAU 13 Live television January 24th, 2015.  All three served in visible televised roles supporting Saturday's efforts which raised over $250,000.00 for the United Cerebral Palsy organization of North Central Wisconsin!  All told, these three Chippewa Valley After Hours Rotarians raised over $1,300.00 during their short stint on the telethon, and represented our Club with great pride!  CV After Hours member A.J. Liedl also volunteered at this year's event as a donation verification caller.  The UCP of North Central Wisconsin provides direct services to individuals and families with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.  This year's WEAU UCP Telethon set a fundraising goal of $50,000.00 during a brief Saturday afternoon period, and ended up raising a record-setting $253,607.00 from the local community and businesses.  Several celebrity guests and volunteers were working the phones all day at the LE Phillips Senior Center in Eau Claire, WI.  

1/22/2015  Bill Pritchard Shares Inspiring Message:  "Find Your Ah-Ha Moment" 

Bill Pritchard (Rotary Club of La Crosse Downtown) recalls his first "ah-ah" moment as a Rotarian traveling to Brazil on the Friendship Exchange (2015).  Pritchard addressed a joint crowd at the Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire, WI. 

Chippewa Valley After Hours Rotary members and visitors were treated to a special message from District 6250's Membership Chair Bill Pritchard on January 22nd at the Chippewa Valley Museum.  Bill brought an 

inspiring message to prospective Rotarians, reflecting upon his time in Brazil as part of the Rotary Friendship Exchange Program.  He explained how he had "simply signed the application and became a Rotarian" some years ago, but that it wasn't until he had his first "Ah-Ha moment" while star-gazing hundreds of miles from civilization deep in the jungles of Brazil thanks to a private helicopter tour by a fellow Rotarian and Coca-Cola Executive when he realizes what it meant to be a Rotarian.  Bill explained that "as a Rotarian, you literally have access to the world, and until you open your eyes, jump out of your comfort zone, and open yourself to meeting new people and sharing new experiences," that you may never truly experience the power of Rotary.  A special thanks goes out to the Eau Claire Morning Rotary Club for inviting us to join their member social at the Chippewa Valley Museum! 

Museum can be accessed using the service road that wraps around the first base (right side) of the Eau Claire Express baseball stadium.  The Museum overlooks Dells Pond and the Mayo Clinic Health Care System.  Feel free to bring along a guest to this special event! 

  There will be appetizers and drinks available at the social event, and members are encouraged to explore the new exhibits.  Thank you to the Eau Claire Morning Rotary Club and the Chippewa Valley Museum for hosting us and providing another exciting opportunity to get to know other Rotarians out in the community!

1/22/2015  Eau Claire Morning Rotary Social & CV After Hours Meeting To Be Held at Chippewa Valley Museum

The Eau Claire Morning Rotary has invited members of the Chippewa Valley After Hours Rotary to attend their evening social event on Thursday, January 22nd at the Chippewa Valley Museum (CVM) in Carson Park! We will host our regular CV After Hours meeting at the Chippewa Valley Museum as well, with special guest speaker Bill Pritchard presenting to the group.  Bill Pritchard is our Rotary District's (6250) Membership Chair, and brings an unmatched energy and committment to Rotary success.  The social will run 5p.m. to 7p.m., and our regular meeting will follow.  The Chippewa Valley


Visitors dress up as European immigrants aboard the River City Queen in one of the Chippewa Valley Museum's new exhibits.

gathered at Mogie's Pub to view Gillett's message as recruitment efforts have stepped up as part of a "Charter by Christmas" initiative to generate additional applications needed to officially charter CV After Hours with Rotary

International by December 25th.  Guests at this evening's meeting were treated with a free drink and encouraged to share stories of service, fellowship, and leadership with other prospective Rotarians.  CV After Hours is currently only 2 applications away from meeting Club charter requirements!  

12/19/2014  Kim Gillett Visits with Many New Prospective Rotary Members! 

The Director of Girls on the Run, Kim Gillett, presented Thursday evening to a packed house of current and prospective Rotary members.  Gillett shared an inspiring message and provided insight into the non-profit Chippewa Valley's Girls on the Run program, which seeks to inspire young girls to be healthy, confident, and joyful through experience-based curriculum.  Lucky Rotary participants shared in a collaborative "Super Star" cheer, encouraging each other to feel the positive energy in the room and to give a sense of the joyful atmosphere girls experience daily in the program.  Over 25 Chippewa Valley professionals attended and 


Kim Gillett, Director of the Chippewa Valley Girls on the Run program shared an inspiring an energetic message with over 25 prospective Rotarians Thursday evening. 

11/6/2014  CV After Hours hosts club committee draft ceremony!

CV After Hours Rotary of the Chippewa Valley officially nominated committee chairs via a white-shirt NFL draft-style ceremony on Thursday night.  Members completed committee request forms at the previous CV After Hours meeting and Chairs were chosen at the Monday Executive Roundtable event.  2014-15 Commitee Chairs include: 


Alecia Plaetz, Chair - Service Committee

Mary Moore, Chair - Membership Committee

Stefanie Yarrington, Co-Chair - Social Media/PR Committee

AJ Liedle, Co-Chair - Social Media/PR Committee



District 6250 Governor Dave Warren shares humorous Rotary reflections with CV After Hours members on Thursday, September 18th, 2014. 

Janesville Rotary club through regular donations, and eventually decided to attend a meeting after several declined invitations.  Seven years later he served as the Janesville Rotary President, and serves as Rotary District 6250's 2014-15 District Governor.  

   District Governor Warren explained how Rotary has given him "lifelong friendships," and the opportunity to "network and travel to places all around the world."  Dave's message was one of personal reflection and he issued the CV After Hours group a challenege, "to make every meeting fun, and to keep people coming back each week to lear about the Rotary!" 

9/18/14  Rotary District 6250 Governor Dave Warren Visits CV After Hours!

Rotary District Governor Dave Warren visited the CV After Hours Rotary group during their general session meeting on Thursday, September 18th.  District Governor Warren shared an inspirational message with current and prospective CV After Hours members, reflecting on an early gift given to him in the form of his first invitation to attend a Rotary meeting.  For years Dave Warren supported his local

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